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THE WINCH THAT HAS IT ALL. The Runva 11XP Premium really does have it all. Perfect for just about any 4X4 on the market today - small to large. Featuring a massive 11,000lb of line pull from the powerful and reliable 6.7HP motor. The gearbox is a three stage planetary setup with tough 228:1 gear ratio to handle even the toughest recoveries. Whether you are driving a Hilux, Ranger, Landcruiser, or anything in between, this winch will get you out of trouble!

This model is also proudly featured on most of the vehicles used by 4WD 24/7. If you have seen the insane winching they do with the 11XP Premium in order to get out of the tracks they tackle, you know you are buying a quality winch that you can be confident in owning and using. After all of the winching they have done over the past couple of years, including pulling 2 dead vehicles tied together up a track, they have not had a single Runva fail on them. 

This model has all of our Premium features built in. Feel confident in the most extreme conditions with full IP67 ingress protection. The brake is our most advanced Ratchet system which is located in the gearbox which is super efficient and able to hold without fail when you stop winching. (Same brake as featured in our vertical lifting winch). Unlike the other traditional brake systems which uses brake pads, this will not wear out. 

The clutch is easily engaged/disengaged via the Rotary Clutch system. The 11XP Premium is also fully compatible with our optional extra Runva Air Clutch for easy in-cab control. 

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