Equip winches in your car to conquer any off-road terrain

4x4 runva winches increase your vehicle’s off-road capabilities in a significant way. Get the best 4x4 winch
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Winches More Than A Rope

Winches are more essential tools when you drive solo. Trust me; winches are gonna be your best friend when you get stuck alone. It is used to lift, haul, or move a car stuck by an object. Generally, it takes power from the vehicle's battery or your pump. Therefore, that rope will speed up rapidly and help our vehicles to rescue. In the simplest form, a winch is a mechanical device used for pulling up or letting down to adjust the tension of a wire rope.

A Winch Releases Your Stress And Carries Weight

Well, a vehicle winch is a simple machine that works with rope, chain, or wire cable and rotates it with a drum. Winches need to be strong because they're used on heavy vehicles. Let's discuss our winches -

Runva 13xp Premium 12v With Synthetic Rope Winches

This winch is very famous and perfect for heavy vehicles with 13000 lb pull power and a reliable 7.6 HP motor with synthetic rope. This model has all of our modern features we built in. gearbox to break to all included in modern touch and built.

Runva 11xp Premium 12v With Synthetic Rope Winches

This winch has it all and is designed for today's market, which is small to large. It also has 11000 lb pull power and a 6.7 hp reliable motor with synthetic rope. Moreover, 11xp premium 12v can pull two dead vehicles together and be used 24/7.

Rescue VI Winches

These features of the winches are mainly built for tight fitting in the front bar. It also has 12000 lb pull power with the same synthetic rope and is suitable for installing a front bumper or mountain plate. Besides, the control box can be relocated.

Benefits Of Winches Accessories

Well, when you drive off-road alone or with a group of friends and get stuck, That's no matter how your road looks. You will manage with your advanced tools.

Rescue Other Vehicles

Winches are commonly used to rescue other vehicles. Besides, they can pull themselves with their power. It is a much-needed tool for heavy vehicles.

You Can Fly On Off Road

basically when you drive your jeep or off-road vehicles. Then you must be stuck somewhere. So if you have a winch, you can fly on the road by using it.

Synthetic Rope Easy To Use

We know that synthetic rope is lighter than others. It's 80% lighter and easy to use. Not only that, we can make it much easier to rig up vehicle origin. We have more


As I mentioned earlier, synthetic rope is lighter and easy to carry. The important thing is that synthetic rope does not consume energy from your vehicles.

Other Uses

First, if you mount our winches, you can pull dead cars. Besides, you can change your angle by 90 degrees and even a steeper angle—rollover recovery extra benefits.


We are always here to help you. Here you get our best-providing services which help you a lot. Let's discuss what you are looking for.

All Day All Night Service

That means 24 hours and all in days a week service we provide.

  • Easily connect with our experts
  • Logistic support
  • As we promise, we provide 100%
Maintenance Services

We always look after a few things on maintenance .like

  • Which can be used in multiple ways.
  • Which things do not work freely.
  • Find our useless parts where it needs to change.
Inspection Service

Inspection is the most important thing we think-

  • Check the comprehensive examination.
  • Make sure the bearing can roll freely.
  • Check the inside of the drum gearbox. There might be damaged teeth.

After examining all things, reassemble it

  • We need to rebuild the winch in reverse order
  • Fix the flawless bearing issues.
  • If we find a problem with gearbox teeth, we can resolve it.

After all the criteria are done, we hope your winches roll smoothly, and we will test them on our way.