Side Steps From Project 4x4: Boost Your Off-Road Adventure

Off-road 4WD side steps are available for Toyota Hilux side steps. Gain a...

Side Steps From Project 4x4: Boost Your Off-Road Adventure
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    Give your factory Side Steps the flick by upgrading to a neat, clean and tidy alternative from Option 4WD. Option 4WD V2 Side Steps come in a premium black powdercoated finish, which matches up ni...

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What Are 4WD Side Steps For?

The 4WD side step provides your car with a narrow board that fits under the car doors for a few benefits. It will act as a protector of your vehicles with some extra advantages. You can get in quickly by stepping on the side rails. It will also save your car paint if unexpected scratches are about to come. One of our best-selling products includes Option 4WD Steps.

Therefore, protect your vehicle’s panel by installing our durable, eye-catching side steps. If you are one of those who love to add a new look to your 4WD, you should come to us. We are good at custom modification of 4x4 vehicles instead of selling products only. Contact us for any 4x4 accessories and add an aesthetic look to your car now.

Durable, Reliable, and Perfect Quality Side Steps

Since side steps are mainly for stepping on it, durability is the key. What if it breaks into pieces while getting into the car? No worries; that won’t happen by any chance if you make it mounted from our shop. Option 4WD Side Steps are made of steel and aluminium, which ensures heavy-duty performance for longer. Other side steps cover the entire panel from the front bull bar to the rear to add more protection. This underbody of your vehicle truly saves your car on several occasions.

Different Types Of Side Step 4x4 Owners Install

Choose any of the side steps according to your liking.

General side steps

General side steps are familiar in the name of side steps that come in one piece individually and require fixing both sides of the car. There are many variations in designs, foot grips, and styles. Visit our website to see options and choose your preferred one.

Rock Sliders

A rock slider is designed to protect the vulnerable areas of a vehicle. It does not imply foot stepping, but sometimes you can do that with the functional product. Rock sliders run from the front to the rear wheel to cover the entire area. Rock sliders protect your car in tough conditions if you are an off-road lover.

Side Rails

The side rail directly runs from the bull bar to the rear wheel to protect the car paint, which takes place under the doors. Side rails ensure the safety of the foot grip so that no slippery occurs by any chance. You can also integrate some side steps with the side rails if it is already installed. If you are a rush driver, side rails will be truly helpful to you.

Electric Side Steps

An individual footstep is sensed by an electric sidestep when the door opens. The electric side step is an automatic extension that works by the sensors. It will open when the door opens and close when the door gets off.

Benefits Of Side Steps In 4WD

Side steps help you get easy and safe access to a high-lift vehicle. There might be kids or small-height persons in your family or public appearance. Side steps protect your car in many ways, including a striking new look.

  • Protective item
  • Amazing look
  • Cheaper rate and less maintenance hassle.
Why Should You Install Our 4wd Side Steps in your 4x4?

Ensure that the product you purchase is authentic and contains the proper fitment. That’s exactly what we are notable for. We will sell you the product and install it with an absolute standard. If you have any complaints remaining, we will change them instantly. Visit our shop for more preferences.